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Welcome to Critical Encounters, a podcast about Marvel Champions, a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Here we take a good look at that most critical piece of the game, the Encounter Sets. We’ll discuss those poorly understood characters, unfairly labeled Villains, and their various plans to shape humanity and benefit the planet, as well as those so-called heroes intent on thwarting them.

Feb 16, 2021

Critical Encounters, a weekly podcast about Marvel Champions the LCG, focuses on taking a look at encounter cards and sets all from the villain's perspective. That means we are going to focus in on those 'bad guy cards' as if we were the villains. Its a focused look on that other half of the game. 

In this issue we take a look at the villain Taskmaster- Part I from the Rise of Red Skull box: 

Deja Vue: Check out our Issue with BananaCrapShoot about Taskmaster as Black Widow's Nemesis - Issue 28:

Homework Assignments

Taskmaster #1-#4  (2002) - A story focused just on him, it has some great art on how his abilities work and a good origin story. He works for Tony Stark’s foe Sunset Bain.

Taskmaster #1-#4 (2010) - He’s now forgotten his history and turned traitor to the villains. He runs up against all his old students as he attempts to figure out who he really is.

No Digital Versions Yet

Taskmaster: Anything You Can Do… (2020) (Trade Paperback of stand alone appearances)

True Believers: Black Widow - Taskmaster (2020) Reprint of Avengers #196 (1963)

Taskmaster: The Right Price (2020) (Trade Paperback collection of 2002/10/+ a few others)

Taskmaster #1-#2 (2020) Newest series, not yet available on Marvel Unlimited.

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 “There’s nothing you can do that I can’t do better.” - Taskmaster